Women’s Clothing Sports

Exercising is a great way to strengthen and tone yourself. There is a wide range of variety in exercise clothes that women can choose from.

Some people regularly go to a gymnasium while some prefer exercising at home or parks. While you might be doing any of the various types of exercise, no matter where, dressing up in the right way is essential. The clothes you wear while exercising, play an important role in the perfection of your workout.

What’s for Your Type of Exercise?

While you go to shop for the workout clothing for women, remember not to forget the kind of exercise you will be doing. While some clothes are versatile and go well for most types of exercises, others are specially designed for a specific form of exercise.

Also, the other exercise gear will differ according to the type of exercise. For example, jogging and yoga need different footwear. You would need to add gloves and supports for cycling which you don’t need while exercising.

Comfort is a Must

Comfort‘ is the word you must remember while picking a piece from the various clothes. Be

Retro Fashion Party Themes

Whether your plan is to arrange a sober and moderate party or a wild and crazy one, a theme from the 60s are a perfect option.

There are numerous occasions to arrange a party such as birthdays, anniversaries, career success, bachelor’s party, etc. and party themes can make them truly memorable. The ’60s’ theme resembles a carefree, fun time. After all, it was a decade of cultural revolutions.

You can start applying this theme beginning with the party invitations. Use a large, rounded letters and bright psychedelic colors while making the party invitations. You can also use the smiley faces, peace symbols, flower power design, tie-dye design, and photo collage from the era. Include photos of Martin Luther King, Beatles, Kennedy, and Vietnam. You can inform your guests about the party theme through the invitation.

’60s’ Party Themes

To plan a perfect ’60s’ theme party, just have a look into the past and use your imagination and creativity. You can create the atmosphere of that era with party decorations, costumes, foods, and games.

Costume Suggestions

The costumes for the ’60s’ theme party can be colorful and full of fun.

Hairstyles for Women

Women of the 1970s knew how to accentuate their features, bringing forth a strong yet vulnerable femininity that is lost today. Stylists and the like, are trying to tap into the seventies like we’ve never seen before, staying true to the iconic while adding a touch of modernity. Hairstyles are a breathtaking sight when spotted on a runway, where the seventies is taking the world by storm in significant ways.
Speaking of hair, which do you think is the one hairstyle that stands out from the rest? It’s got to be the “Farrah Flicks” hairstyle! If you aren’t familiar with its name, think back in time to the original cast of “Charlie’s Angels”. Yes, it was “Ferrah Leni ‘Farrah’ Fawcett” who starred as one of the three crime-fighting beauties, making that voluptuous head of hair just as famous.

That’s where the hairstyle gets its eponymous name from – Farrah’s luscious hair. There are other hairstyles that took over this iconic decade, slowly moving away from the passé trends of the ’60s, ditching the goody-two-shoes image for a wild, sexy, and independent take on

Summer Fashion for Teenagers

When the weather turns warmer, many people tend to cringe. Teens see this as an opportunity to revamp their wardrobe. For them, this is the right time to display their trendier side. The summer means loads of colorful blossoms, fresh breeze, bright sunshine, and everything beautiful. The weather gives ample opportunity to wear some interesting creations. From flowery patterns to solid colors, this is the season to experiment.

The Classic White Shirt

The classic white shirt can never go out of style. This looks best when worn with blue jeans. Look for different patterns and cuts. You can opt for a white shirt with a stretch blend that hugs the body or you can choose a long tunic style and pair it with printed leggings. This will surely give you a cool effect on a hot day.

Floral Dresses

This season is the right time to pull out knee-length or mid-thigh length dresses. You can wear bold and solid colors such as red, pink, green, mauve etc. Floral patterns will blend well with the season. Shirt-dresses are an ideal option for a more formal style. You can also go in for a stylish wrap dress, baby doll dress, halter dress, or the very simple

Tips to Select Dressy

There are some occasions which do not demand a downright formal attire such as gown or cocktail dress. However, you can’t even attend these dos in your favorite pair of jeans and cool tee. Dressy tops can come pretty much in handy for such functions.
These are not different from your usual cotton tops in respect of length or design. However, when it comes to the clothing fabric used, it is lot more classier and expensive than a usual top. They are usually designed in fine fabrics such as velvet, satin, silk, etc. Besides, they are also adorned with (though not necessarily) sequins and other embellishments. There is also slight difference in their fashion pattern. Ruching, pleating, cinched or tied waists, and sheer-layered looks are some common patterns. Besides, they are exquisitely cut and may have well-defined neck lines. This is probably the reason, why you cannot wear them to office everyday.

When to Wear
They are ideal for occasions that are not too formal and do not involve any business. They are more suitable for evening events. However, you can wear them for afternoon events as well, if they have decent necklines and are sober enough. If you have a

Military Style

There is something absolutely irresistible about a military uniform. Women see men in uniforms, and they simply cannot help going gaga over them! Army men are among some of the most honorable people in society. They command a sense of respect and admiration like none other. Military bestows responsibility, power and command. I do not know what it is about military men – their disciplined mannerism, chivalrous ways, the way they treat women, but every time I see one, ah! How I wish to be his girlfriend! I guess, however, that even if we women don’t understand it, the fashion industry most undoubtedly does! Fashion was revolutionized when military inspired fashion trends first hit the markets. From caps, to headbands, goggles, shirts, jackets, cargo, trousers, boots, and even the famous dog-tag chains, military inspired fashion is evergreen – something that will never lose its charm and never die from our hearts!
Fashion Trends Inspired from Military
Military fashion trends include a collection of various garments – things that you can wear from head to toe! Here is an account of the various fashion trends that the military has set.
Military cap

Be it a bucket hat (like the one shown

Accessories For A Beige Dresses

The ‘spring summer’ forecast for this year by Color Solutions International dictates embracing shades of beige such as peachy nude, khaki, honey, barley, and ivory. Pantone’s Fashion Color Report for this spring has listed sand as one of its prominent shades.
Since beige is a paler shade of brown, and has several variant shades, this neutral color has both warm and cool attributes of brown and white. When worn as it is, beige often comes across as far too plain to arouse any interest. However, being a pale color, beige necessitates that it be used in combination with a brighter or bolder shade.

Depending on your fashion sensibilities and whether you follow current fashion and color trends ‘to a T’, be rest assured that all that beige in your closet won’t be seeing the dust bag anytime soon. Keeping the reigning colors in mind, this Buzzle fashion guide shows you some color-coordinated accessories that go with beige dresses.
Beige Dress With Green Accessories
Wear your beige dress with splendidly-hued aquafresh, mint, sea green, and turquoise accessories to liven things up a little. This color scheme is ideal to start a feel-good day at the office, and end it with a

Polka Dots Style

Since they are such a retro trend, we are sure that you’ll be able to find a vintage polka dot piece in your mother’s or grandmother’s closet. Just scrounge their cupboard for a top/skirt/dress that even they have forgotten they owned.
The dotty world of polka dots driving you crazy? Not too surprising, since the erstwhile-childlike trend has grown up and is making its presence felt in fashionable circles all over. From Sarah Jessica Parker to Anne Hathaway, everyone who is anyone has gone the dots way.

But how do you get over that nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach―the feeling that tells you that wearing polka dots may just make you look like you’re playing fancy dress? Show the stop signal to that feeling right there. The polka dots family has a lot more to offer than you give it credit for. It has grown up and it has done so with style. Let’s take a look at how you can wear these tiny little circles without feeling like you have regressed into childhood.
Wear a Dress
Polka dots dress

Now, we love our vintage, and we think nothing does this print better justice than a retro-inspired, halter

Casual Chic Clothing

With all the fancy dress code terms out there, it is easy to get intimidated when someone says “casual chic”, and you have no idea what they’re talking about. Simply put, a casual chic outfit is nothing more than combining your everyday clothes with a few fashionable elements.

The goal is to appear classy and sophisticated, and feel comfortable and confident. And with that attitude in mind, given below are outfit ideas for women and men that we hope will inspire you to dress up for different occasions.

* Use the index given below to navigate through the page in order to find outfit ideas that interest you and can complement the event.

Casual Chic Outfits for Women

As we explained before, the dress code refers to combining your everyday clothes like jeans, khaki pants, skirts, shorts, T-shirts, and tops, with chic, tailored clothing items. Now, depending on where you’re headed for the day, choose your outfit appropriately (and more importantly, something from the suggestions we have provided below.

Business Casual Chic

A lot of people are under the impression that since we’re talking about a ‘business’ dress code, the word ‘casual’ cannot be included with it. Au contraire, mon ami. Of course, there are organizations

Dresses to Wear With Boots

A wardrobe is never complete without a pair of sexy boots that add the much need oomph to any piece of clothing. Knee length boots, ankle boots, tie up boots or uggs, boots just have what it take to give you a makeover the moment you put them on. This accessory of utmost sophistication, is eternally in vogue and which is why boots are a must have shoes for every woman. With the mention of boots, most women inevitably match them with skirts and skinny pair of jeans.

Winter Dresses

Winter, the season of surreal snow that blankets the streets with its white cloak, seems too chilly to step out. A pair of warm boots that hug your legs tight enough to keep them warm are a convincing reason why you should get dressed and step out. Winters and boots are synonymous. However, wearing them with a little effort that will make you stand out. Woolen dresses that end two inches above your knee are the perfect knits to complement your expensive pair of boots. If it’s too cold to show even a slight slit of your thigh (between the boots and the dress) then wear a pair of leggings that match

Tips on Choosing White Fashion Accessories

You can’t wear white after Labor Day. But that’s what people say about clothes (which is so not the case, by the way). So, does that apply to accessories as well? It’s not that you’ll be wearing white accessories with only white dresses, right? You are allowed to pair these accessories with different colored clothes. By keeping the color and style of the outfit and the occasion in mind, you can easily choose flattering accessories and look ravishing
How to Choose White Fashion Accessories
Regardless of the current fashion trend, always remember the golden rule―moderation is the key. Pick elements that won’t overshadow the outfit, but still stand out as individual pieces.
Must-have White Fashion Accessories

Note : These items are for representation purposes only and are to be strategically included to enhance your look with the appropriate outfit. They are NOT supposed to be worn on one outfit.
Pairing Accessories with White Outfits
Woman in White Outfit and White Accessories
While choosing to wear white accessories with a white-colored dress, top, or outfit, you need to be very careful as to not overdo the whole thing. When you have a single color to work with, handle it by adding one

Stylish Ways to Wear a Beanie

Everybody has had a bad hair day every now and then; even celebrities. So, what do you do? It’s quite simple actually; gather your tresses together and hide it under a beanie.
One of the must-have accessories for winter, beanies have become a necessary part of a sophisticated fashion statement. Both men and women can transform their everyday looks into chic styles just by wearing a beanie. With so many choices in style, material, color, and pattern, you can be sure to find a beanie that fits your personality perfectly. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get down to business and see some stylish ways to wear a beanie.
Beanie Style Guide for Men
Nowadays, even men have become conscious about the way they dress. Which is why, it is time you ditched your basic, fitted, run-of-the-mill beanie, and give the following styles a try.

Visor Beanies for Men
Mostly available in wool and acrylic, the visor beanies have a bill, like a ball cap. You don’t have to worry about finding the right fit as it comes in a free size. One of the best things about this beanie, apart from being a wonderful cover from the cold winter

Plus Size Women Mode

If you think being plus-sized will leave you with very less options in formal outfits for you, then you are wrong. While few years ago, formal wear for plus size women was just some simple and not so trendy clothing, the scene is completely different now. Plus size clothing is no less in terms of style, latest fashion trends, embellishments, variety, etc.
Many full-figured women are nervous about being a part of a big crowd and are constantly worried about their body shape and entire look. You can now find many designer clothing lines catering to women with fuller figures, so no question of avoiding an event just because you don’t have a superb formal wear.
Formal Wear for Plus Size Women
The important thing to keep in mind while you choose the dress is to opt for the one which you feel comfortable wearing and you are sure you can carry it well. Don’t buy one just to follow the latest trends.
You should pick up a well fitting dress, this will enhance the curves and best assets and hide the ones you are not proud of. An ill-fitting dress will make you look weird.
Next, the more formal

The Fashion Trends for Women in the Middle Ages

Fashion has never been constant at any stage and this is revealed by the ideas followed since ancient times. Here’s a look at fashion in the Medieval period…

The Middle Ages, also known as the Medieval period, is dated by some scholars from the 5th century to the 16th century. This period was marked by many changes. The medieval period is divided into three periods: The Early Middle Ages, the High Middle Ages and the Late Middle Ages.
Being well-groomed was not about the wide variety that we have today. Clothing during the medieval period was also restricted to the social status one belonged to. The elite class had a different style of dressing as compared to the peasant folk.
The wealthy were seen in highly fashionable attire. The lords during the period were seen adorned in silks and luxurious fabrics. The Sumptuary Laws that were passed during this period were interesting. Special tailors created clothing in the medieval period for the royals. With the Sumptuary Laws being enforced, people who violated the same faced severe penalty. These laws enforced rules such as the wealthy class of the society would be the only ones seen wearing fashionable clothing. A violation of

Job Description Fashion Photographer

Did you know that fashion photography is expected to grow by 17% in the next four years? A fashion photographer’s job may not be the easiest but it is definitely fascinating which is probably the reason for this growth estimate.

“I never cared for fashion much, amusing little seams and witty little pleats: it was the girls I liked.”

David Bailey, fashion photographer extraordinaire was never one for being politically correct but he was one of the pioneers in the field of fashion photography who changed the way models and clothes were photographed. Fashion photography in the form we recognize today can be traced to the photographs of Martin Munkacsi in 1936 who shot models on the beach. Fashion photography is probably one of the toughest branches of photography to get a break in. Commercial fashion photography attracts many due to the glamor attached with the profession. In order to be recognized it is not enough to just possess talent, it is also important that you know how to market the same. It is also essential that you are aware of what the job entails.

Unlike glamor photography which is more about the face of the person being photographed, fashion photography can have

Spring Jackets for Women

Everyone gets ready to welcome the spring, as the ruthless winter winds begin to back off. The heavy coats and jackets that were so useful in protecting you against harsh winter, suddenly begin to feel so out of fashion. These are quickly replaced by spring jackets, which help you to make a style statement while still keeping you warm. Women especially, have a lot of styles in spring jackets to flaunt. So, in case you are planning to buy one, this article can help you out.


Spring is all about celebrating light, happy colors. Thus, gloomy colors like black, murky brown, and gray, which were very much in vogue during winter disappear for good. Bold colors like red, green, yellow, blue, and orange, which are favorite colors as summer jackets for women are also apt for coats in this season for women. Pastel shades like beige, butterscotch yellow, baby pink, etc. also look great in spring. Thus, while choosing a color, always bear in mind that it should reflect the spirit of the season.


A jacket during this period is not a ‘must have’ apparel, unlike in winter. You are likely to carry a jacket along, and wear it only if it

Fashion photography salary

Photography is a glamorous profession. There are many types of careers in photography. Fashion photography is one of them. Read on to know about fashion photographer salary.

Fashion photography is one of the oldest genre of photography. It is said that fashion photography began way back in 1936 when Martin Munkacsi a photographer; who made photographs of models in sporty poses at the beach. Fashion photography concentrates on taking pictures of fashion clothing and accessories which are worn by models or showcased in fashion shows. When you think of a fashion photographer, the first thing that comes to mind are the various fashion magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair and Harper’s Bazaar which are considered as bibles for fashion enthusiasts.

Salary Range

Fashion photography is a job which demands constant creative and technical skills. Due to this high requirement fashion photographers get paid extremely well. Usually they are employed by fashion designers, magazines and catalogs. According to reports an employed fashion photographer’s salary range starts from $10,000. The pay package also depends upon the number of years he/she has given to this demanding job. Experienced and top level photographers who have made their mark in the world of fashion earn a handsome package of

Fashion Ideas for Women Above 50

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”
― Coco Chanel
They say, a woman’s beauty grows with her age, and she looks more and more graceful in her middle age. But women think the exact opposite. According to them, they look old with wrinkles on their faces! However, this doesn’t mean you stop dressing up and change your wardrobe into a dump of loose, light-colored clothes. Fashion is for everyone, and age has absolutely nothing to do with it as the whole motive of fashionable clothes and accessories is to please yourself and make yourself feel great!

So, if you are a woman over the age of 50, let me tell you, you are still young to try out new styles, new colors, new accessories, and of course, gorgeous “new shoes”. There are innumerable fashion tips for the older women, which can make them look fresh and youthful. So, if you are looking for such simple and effective fashion tips, take a look at the sections below.

Fashion Ideas for Women Above 50
For those who want to look

Fashion Photography

The first-ever fashion shoot can be traced back to 1856 when Pierre-Louis Pierson photographed Virginia Oldoini, Countess di Castiglione, a Tuscan noblewoman. Pierson clicked as many as 400 photographs of the Countess in her official court garb. Over a period of time, this style of photography has developed its own aesthetic with the beauty of clothes, accessories, and models, enhanced by the use of exotic locations, storylines, and/or stylized photographic techniques.
Fashion Photography: Tracing its Journey
The style of photography as we recognize it today emerged in the first decade of the 20th century when halftone printing allowed fashion photographs to make an entry into magazines. French magazines Les Mode and La Mode Practique were the first magazines to showcase this style.
In the early twentieth century, Paris was one of the best cities to work in for anyone who wanted to make it big in the fashion photography industry. Some of the biggest names in the field then were Horst P. Horst, George Hoyningen-Huene, Edward Steichen, and Cecil Beaton. These were the stalwarts who helped develop this mostly-rigid form of photography into a creatively-fulfilling art form. But the scene soon moved from Paris as the threat of World War

Style pair gray jeans

Colorful pants are fast becoming a much sought-after bottom wear, but that doesn’t mean the neutrals are out of the wardrobe. Black jeans are a quintessential part of any dame or dude’s wardrobe, but so should be a neat pair of gray jeans.

Ash-gray, blue-gray, charcoal, platinum, silver, etc., are some shades of gray that look stunning. Whether it is for work or play, gray jeans look swank any day. If you are not comfortable with very light shades, go in for darker ones, or trendy patterned ones. Printed pants are all the rage this year, you can go for them as well.

The right shirt, shoes, and accessories will ensure that your outfit looks stylish. Little things will play a major role. For example, wearing charcoal gray jeans with a black shirt will make your outfit look monotonous, or a white shirt with very light jeans will look drab and boring.

Through this Buzzle post, we give you some outfit ideas that go well with gray jeans. Pick the ones you like or experiment with something on similar lines. Fortunately, there are hardly any chances of going wrong with gray jeans.


gray jeans outfit idea for stylish women

Gray skinny jeans, sexy black stilettos,