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Summer Fashion for Teenagers

When the weather turns warmer, many people tend to cringe. Teens see this as an opportunity to revamp their wardrobe. For them, this is the right time to display their trendier side. The summer means loads of colorful blossoms, fresh breeze, bright sunshine, and everything beautiful. The weather gives ample opportunity to wear some interesting creations. From flowery patterns to solid colors, this is the season to experiment.

The Classic White Shirt

The classic white shirt can never go out of style. This looks best when worn with blue jeans. Look for different patterns and cuts. You can opt for a white shirt with a stretch blend that hugs the body or you can choose a long tunic style and pair it with printed leggings. This will surely give you a cool effect on a hot day.

Floral Dresses

This season is the right time to pull out knee-length or mid-thigh length dresses. You can wear bold and solid colors such as red, pink, green, mauve etc. Floral patterns will blend well with the season. Shirt-dresses are an ideal option for a more formal style. You can also go in for a stylish wrap dress, baby doll dress, halter dress, or the very simple basic A-line dress. Comfort is the key factor. A dress should make you comfortable all day long and keep you looking as fresh as a daisy for an evening out with friends.

Comfy Drawstring Pants

Jeans have always been a part of the wardrobe of teens and adults alike. However, jeans may sometimes be a tad uncomfortable for longer durations in hot weather. Comfortable drawstring pants are a great option for those who want breathable fabrics. Combine these pants with stylish tops to create a cool effect.

Basic Shorts

Cute shorts in colors such as electric blue or gorgeous red are bound to attract attention and keep you chilled out in the hot season. It sure does help to have a pair of short pants in your bag. You can pull them on if you are planning for a quick dip in the lake or accessorize it with an elegant top to party with friends.

Get Sporty

The sporty look is ideal for this season. You can opt for bright colors and use various elements. A tank top would look great paired with a light jacket. T-shirts with interesting messages would add more zing and display your attitude. Go for comfortable sneakers in bright colors.

Trendy Leggings

Leggings are also an ideal way to beat the heat in style. Although these have been on the scene many years back, they have made a good comeback, which is visible with the very contemporary designs seen today. From prints to solid colors, lace to embellishments, leggings are seen at any school campus as well as hip parties.

With these options, you are bound to drive away the heat in style.

Tips to Select Dressy

There are some occasions which do not demand a downright formal attire such as gown or cocktail dress. However, you can’t even attend these dos in your favorite pair of jeans and cool tee. Dressy tops can come pretty much in handy for such functions.
These are not different from your usual cotton tops in respect of length or design. However, when it comes to the clothing fabric used, it is lot more classier and expensive than a usual top. They are usually designed in fine fabrics such as velvet, satin, silk, etc. Besides, they are also adorned with (though not necessarily) sequins and other embellishments. There is also slight difference in their fashion pattern. Ruching, pleating, cinched or tied waists, and sheer-layered looks are some common patterns. Besides, they are exquisitely cut and may have well-defined neck lines. This is probably the reason, why you cannot wear them to office everyday.

When to Wear
They are ideal for occasions that are not too formal and do not involve any business. They are more suitable for evening events. However, you can wear them for afternoon events as well, if they have decent necklines and are sober enough. If you have a hot date in the evening or plan to have a night out with your hubby then a low-cut one in attractive color can be your best bet. Similarly, you can also prefer them for casual meetings with friends or movie outings. Besides, you can go on a shopping spree with your girlfriends in a nice dressy top. Other social functions where you can wear them are weddings (provided the dress code says dressy casual attire), baby showers, churches, and casual evening parties.
How to Wear
You can team them up with a fabulous pair of designer jeans. If your top has heavy embellishment, keep the jeans simple, meaning no embroidery or sequins. Alternatively, you can also team them up with dress pants or skirts (long or short, according to the style of your dressy top). Furthermore, you should opt for the length and embellishment according to your body shape. For instance, women with pear-shaped body should avoid embellishment at hips, as it would unnecessarily draw attention to your heavier bottom. Broad necklines and voluminous fabric is apt for pear-shaped women. Apple-shaped women should avoid plunging necklines and preferably choose tops that end above hips.
Where to Find Dressy Tops
Internet is by far the best place to shop for special occasion dresses or tops, more so if you wish to look particularly for plus size women. You can find classic ones in numerous designs, fabrics, and patterns. The price range also varies to a great extent to suit the budget of each buyer. You can also find a special variety of the same for juniors, here on the Internet. Alternatively, you can also find them in your nearest designer store. But then, prepare to shell a little extra price at such high profile shops. The usual shopping malls also stock these types, but you probably wouldn’t find much of variety there.

Military Style

There is something absolutely irresistible about a military uniform. Women see men in uniforms, and they simply cannot help going gaga over them! Army men are among some of the most honorable people in society. They command a sense of respect and admiration like none other. Military bestows responsibility, power and command. I do not know what it is about military men – their disciplined mannerism, chivalrous ways, the way they treat women, but every time I see one, ah! How I wish to be his girlfriend! I guess, however, that even if we women don’t understand it, the fashion industry most undoubtedly does! Fashion was revolutionized when military inspired fashion trends first hit the markets. From caps, to headbands, goggles, shirts, jackets, cargo, trousers, boots, and even the famous dog-tag chains, military inspired fashion is evergreen – something that will never lose its charm and never die from our hearts!
Fashion Trends Inspired from Military
Military fashion trends include a collection of various garments – things that you can wear from head to toe! Here is an account of the various fashion trends that the military has set.
Military cap

Be it a bucket hat (like the one shown in the picture) or a cap, or a beret – military hats are bound to give you that edge. They are a cut above the rest, and look absolutely smart, be it a man or a woman wearing it. Military inspired headgear comes in different forms and colors – from the typical military camouflage print, to the typical military green color, to brown, and sometimes even black. Berets look especially stylish in the winters, while a bucket cap looks cool and trendy in the summers. No matter what the season, you will always find a reason to wear a cap, and hence military print head-gear will never go out-of-fashion. You do not just wear a military cap, you make a statement.
Military style aviators

Top Gun sure did popularize the aviators like no other movie ever could. But from times even before that movie, aviators have been popularized by militia. They say, only a really royal person can wear an aviator and not look stupid. Now that I know to be a fact! You need to have a broad face to carry off the typical aviator shaped sunglasses. But worry not, my friend, for different variations of the classic aviator sunglasses for those with a smaller, round face, are also available now. They bear the essence of the classic aviators, but are crafted to suit the small round face too.
Military style shirt

Military print shirts are probably the most common of the different military inspired fashion trends. Men usually wear a plus-size military shirt and a clean white vest inside (drool!). Women, on the other hand, can tie up the front of the shirt instead of buttoning it down, and can wear a black spaghetti inside. Looks absolutely gorgeous. Team the above look with an old worn-out pair of jeans, and it’s almost perfect. Military shirts are also quite a favorite among campers and nature lovers. A trip into the forest most definitely calls for an outfit that includes military print clothes. It helps you merge with the forest background, and remain invisible to the animals and birds. It is the perfect camouflage. In fact that is the reason military uniforms are moss green in color and have the distinct military print on them.

Accessories For A Beige Dresses

The ‘spring summer’ forecast for this year by Color Solutions International dictates embracing shades of beige such as peachy nude, khaki, honey, barley, and ivory. Pantone’s Fashion Color Report for this spring has listed sand as one of its prominent shades.
Since beige is a paler shade of brown, and has several variant shades, this neutral color has both warm and cool attributes of brown and white. When worn as it is, beige often comes across as far too plain to arouse any interest. However, being a pale color, beige necessitates that it be used in combination with a brighter or bolder shade.

Depending on your fashion sensibilities and whether you follow current fashion and color trends ‘to a T’, be rest assured that all that beige in your closet won’t be seeing the dust bag anytime soon. Keeping the reigning colors in mind, this Buzzle fashion guide shows you some color-coordinated accessories that go with beige dresses.
Beige Dress With Green Accessories
Wear your beige dress with splendidly-hued aquafresh, mint, sea green, and turquoise accessories to liven things up a little. This color scheme is ideal to start a feel-good day at the office, and end it with a night of bashful partying. While choosing accessories with green tones, ensure that you maintain uniformity by opting for a certain shade that appeals to you and looks good with the dress.

Sky and Earth
Beige Dress With Blue Accessories
Shades of blue look great with beige. Seeking inspiration from nature, the image of water, sky, and earth is perhaps the best example to prove this point. It’s a safe combination, one that can rarely go wrong. You can also reduce the amount of blue you wish to use, by wearing only one or two accessories of this color. For the safest bet, opt for pale blue accessories when wearing a lighter shade of beige.

A Dab of Passionate Purple
Beige Dress With Purple And Gray Accessories
If you are naturally attracted to shades of purple, this is your chance to wear accessories in this color with your plain beige dress. Since too much of any shade can overwhelm an ensemble, consider wearing purple with metallic accessories. Gray, silver, and rose gold are some shades that can be worn along with purple accessories and a beige dress.
A Sprinkle of Gold
Beige Dress With Gold Accessories
Shades of sparkling gold blend with beige in the most magical manner. The resulting look is one that exudes class and sophistication. However, women who find the conventional too boring, can consider more edgy accessories with gold and sandy tones. For example, metallic gold is a shade that looks great on shoes, bags, and chunky bracelets, and can add oodles of personality to a simple beige dress.