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The Fashion Trends for Women in the Middle Ages

Fashion has never been constant at any stage and this is revealed by the ideas followed since ancient times. Here’s a look at fashion in the Medieval period…

The Middle Ages, also known as the Medieval period, is dated by some scholars from the 5th century to the 16th century. This period was marked by many changes. The medieval period is divided into three periods: The Early Middle Ages, the High Middle Ages and the Late Middle Ages.
Being well-groomed was not about the wide variety that we have today. Clothing during the medieval period was also restricted to the social status one belonged to. The elite class had a different style of dressing as compared to the peasant folk.
The wealthy were seen in highly fashionable attire. The lords during the period were seen adorned in silks and luxurious fabrics. The Sumptuary Laws that were passed during this period were interesting. Special tailors created clothing in the medieval period for the royals. With the Sumptuary Laws being enforced, people who violated the same faced severe penalty. These laws enforced rules such as the wealthy class of the society would be the only ones seen wearing fashionable clothing. A violation of the same would result in loss of property or heavy fines as well!
Fashion for the common folks was all about loose linen or wool. Men were generally seen in tunics, which went all the way down to their knees. Tunics that were really long, were seen for special events. Such tunics were also combined with long pants. These pants were generally made of wool. For the cold winters, one often saw the use of cloaks.
Women, apart from long tunics, also wore under-tunics made of wool and teamed it with a cloak if they stepped out of the house. These tunics were available in a wide range of colors and sometimes they also adorned fancy hats to strike a statement.
There were certain garments that were considered to be a status symbol for women who belonged to the upper classes. Brighter colors, rich materials, long jackets, elaborate garments, tunics worn with surcoats etc, were all a part of fashion. Women also preferred to wear gowns and used an array of headdresses to make a mark. Leggings and hose were also found in use during this period, but it was not considered to be a mark of the wealthy people. The rich classes were also known to import clothing from other countries such as silk cloth, bleached linen and dyed or patterned prints. On the other hand, people who belonged to the lower segment of the society often wore homespun wool and used colorful borders, which were woven into the fabric in the loom.

Job Description Fashion Photographer

Did you know that fashion photography is expected to grow by 17% in the next four years? A fashion photographer’s job may not be the easiest but it is definitely fascinating which is probably the reason for this growth estimate.

“I never cared for fashion much, amusing little seams and witty little pleats: it was the girls I liked.”

David Bailey, fashion photographer extraordinaire was never one for being politically correct but he was one of the pioneers in the field of fashion photography who changed the way models and clothes were photographed. Fashion photography in the form we recognize today can be traced to the photographs of Martin Munkacsi in 1936 who shot models on the beach. Fashion photography is probably one of the toughest branches of photography to get a break in. Commercial fashion photography attracts many due to the glamor attached with the profession. In order to be recognized it is not enough to just possess talent, it is also important that you know how to market the same. It is also essential that you are aware of what the job entails.

Unlike glamor photography which is more about the face of the person being photographed, fashion photography can have at its center, clothing or accessories. It is used in advertising to promote different fashion brands and houses. Most fashion magazines use fashion photography to create a visually appealing art piece on a monthly basis to appeal to fashion lovers the world over.

Job Description of a Fashion Photographer

In order to become a fashion photographer you do not need any degree or formal training. If you have an aptitude and an interest in photography, then you can try your hand at this profession. The most important thing to get a break in the world of fashion photography is to build your portfolio. An impressive portfolio is all you need in order to get a good job. Most famous photographers agree that in order to become a well-known personality in the field it is important that you have an eye for the artistic and aesthetic. It is important to understand how to set the mood of the shoot and how to capture the same in various ways. You need to be able to pay attention to detailing for when you are shooting clothes even the most microscopic detail can make a difference. With photography becoming more technologically driven, it is important to be proficient with photo editing software and some graphic designing software. This will give you an edge in the market. A fashion photographer needs to be a people’s person who is able to connect with his clients and the models. The career is demanding and stressful.

As the person handling the shoot for clothing companies and brands you will be expected to understand fashion. Knowing and understanding fabrics, textiles, designs, and details can take you a long way in this world. Every time you have a photo shoot, you will need to come up with a concept, in consultation with the fashion house keeping in mind their taste and image. As a novice in the field it may be a good idea to start off under an established fashion photographer. By interning with, and assisting established photographers you can not only build your network but also understand the world better.

Spring Jackets for Women

Everyone gets ready to welcome the spring, as the ruthless winter winds begin to back off. The heavy coats and jackets that were so useful in protecting you against harsh winter, suddenly begin to feel so out of fashion. These are quickly replaced by spring jackets, which help you to make a style statement while still keeping you warm. Women especially, have a lot of styles in spring jackets to flaunt. So, in case you are planning to buy one, this article can help you out.


Spring is all about celebrating light, happy colors. Thus, gloomy colors like black, murky brown, and gray, which were very much in vogue during winter disappear for good. Bold colors like red, green, yellow, blue, and orange, which are favorite colors as summer jackets for women are also apt for coats in this season for women. Pastel shades like beige, butterscotch yellow, baby pink, etc. also look great in spring. Thus, while choosing a color, always bear in mind that it should reflect the spirit of the season.


A jacket during this period is not a ‘must have’ apparel, unlike in winter. You are likely to carry a jacket along, and wear it only if it gets too chilly. During other times, you might only end up carrying it in your car or throwing over your shoulders. Hence, the spring jacket should be light in weight and not too long. Knee-length coats or cropped jackets are convenient to carry and protect you against unexpected chill in air. Longer coats in heavier fabrics are best saved for winter. The basic styles include trench coat, A-line, and swing. Trench coat looks classy and should be preferably teamed up with heels and slacks. A-line looks great on well fitting trousers or skirts. Swing is a style, which makes you look bulkier on the top, due to its volume. Hence, make sure you wear well tailored pants or skirt or any other bottom.

How to Wear?

You need to give special attention to this point if you intend to make a style statement with your light parka. Coordinating your clothes is not necessary, as you might only carry it with you and never get a chance to wear it. Spring jackets look great on sleeveless tops, V neck blouses, or polo shirts. They can be worn over a dress or pants for a formal look. Throwing a jacket over a silk blouse and a knee length skirt gives you a very elegant look. Team the coat with a pair of capris or denims for a casual look. If you want a sporty look, go for jackets with sweat pants. Spring jacket should be worn only when its cold, else it will leave you sweaty. It can also come in handy in an air conditioned room, more so if you are wearing a sleeveless top.

How to Buy?

This outfit can be bought from any store that stocks spring clothes for women. Take all the considerations about colors and style into account, while buying a jacket. Preferably, buy those with detachable hoods, which can come in handy during an unexpected drizzle in spring. Also, it is best to buy a weather-proof jacket, which can sustain the unpredictable weather.

If you cannot decide on the style or fabric while buying spring jackets, then a simple classic denim jacket can serve the purpose. Denim jackets are light, warm, and make quite a style statement.

Fashion photography salary

Photography is a glamorous profession. There are many types of careers in photography. Fashion photography is one of them. Read on to know about fashion photographer salary.

Fashion photography is one of the oldest genre of photography. It is said that fashion photography began way back in 1936 when Martin Munkacsi a photographer; who made photographs of models in sporty poses at the beach. Fashion photography concentrates on taking pictures of fashion clothing and accessories which are worn by models or showcased in fashion shows. When you think of a fashion photographer, the first thing that comes to mind are the various fashion magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair and Harper’s Bazaar which are considered as bibles for fashion enthusiasts.

Salary Range

Fashion photography is a job which demands constant creative and technical skills. Due to this high requirement fashion photographers get paid extremely well. Usually they are employed by fashion designers, magazines and catalogs. According to reports an employed fashion photographer’s salary range starts from $10,000. The pay package also depends upon the number of years he/she has given to this demanding job. Experienced and top level photographers who have made their mark in the world of fashion earn a handsome package of $80,000 and above annually. Freelancers earn up to $800 a day depending upon the number of assignments they get. Their salary package also depends on various factors such as; location, experience and expertise in the field. Fashion photographers not only work with glamorous fashion models and accomplished fashion designers, they even get offers for independent assignments which fetches them good money. However, this money-making profession has its own challenges. Most photographers work irregular hours, including evenings and weekends. To be a successful fashion photographer, my advice is to build up a strong work portfolio so that you land up in a good job and also have better growth prospects.

Education and Training

A career in fashion photography does not require a degree and skills required for fashion photography can easily be acquired by attending workshops. An educational degree is not essential but can serve as a feather in the cap for budding fashion photographers. These photographers are not only paid to take pretty pictures of models and clothing, they are expected to plan the entire shoot, keeping the taste of the fashion designer or label in mind. The trick is to highlight the clothing in the photos, so that it attracts the consumer’s attention. Interested aspirants can develop their talent and enhance their creative skills by taking up an internship program or by assisting an accomplished professional. The world of fashion photography comes with a lot of glamor and competition hence, it is necessary to have a strong base in order to make a mark in the world of fashion.

Fashion Ideas for Women Above 50

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”
― Coco Chanel
They say, a woman’s beauty grows with her age, and she looks more and more graceful in her middle age. But women think the exact opposite. According to them, they look old with wrinkles on their faces! However, this doesn’t mean you stop dressing up and change your wardrobe into a dump of loose, light-colored clothes. Fashion is for everyone, and age has absolutely nothing to do with it as the whole motive of fashionable clothes and accessories is to please yourself and make yourself feel great!

So, if you are a woman over the age of 50, let me tell you, you are still young to try out new styles, new colors, new accessories, and of course, gorgeous “new shoes”. There are innumerable fashion tips for the older women, which can make them look fresh and youthful. So, if you are looking for such simple and effective fashion tips, take a look at the sections below.

Fashion Ideas for Women Above 50
For those who want to look good, age should not be a hindrance! Many women give up on fashion, thinking that it is for the young and that they won’t look great in fashionable clothes. However, being fashionable and trendy isn’t for someone else, but to make yourself happy.

Have you ever gone shopping when you are depressed and feeling low and bought yourself something really nice and expensive? I am sure it feels great, since you please yourself. The same is with fashion for women over 50, as what you wear and how you look is most importantly to see yourself smile. There are many ways, older women can look good, and you don’t need to be slim or beautiful for that. You simply need a few fashion ideas, which is what this Buzzle post is all about. So, take a look!

Choose Your Colors
The first and most tip is to choose the colors that suit you and the ones you would prefer. You can wear any of your favorite colors as you should be comfortable wearing them. Soft shades of pink, peach, light blue, purple, browns, beige, orange, gray, khaki, etc., are great choices for dresses. You can choose other pastel colors if you are wearing tops and blouses, and darker colors like black, dark brown, chocolate, khaki, gray, etc., for lower body clothes. But make sure that the colors suit your skin tone and complement you. When in doubt, choose black and white. You can never go wrong with this combination.

Pick Your Own Fashion Statement

Fashion Tips for Older Women

By the time you turn 50, you very well know what works for you. You can keep doing so even now. However, make sure that you keep up with the latest trends. After you have decided on the colors for your new wardrobe essentials, you need to find the style of clothes you will be comfortable in. If you are someone who wouldn’t mind dressing up in either casuals, semi-formals, or formals for the day, then you can choose from a range of clothes. There are various fashion styles for women over 50 available in the fashion market today.
While picking pants, choose the ones that fit you well and in which you feel comfortable. Skirts and wraparounds look very beautiful on older women.

Fashion Photography

The first-ever fashion shoot can be traced back to 1856 when Pierre-Louis Pierson photographed Virginia Oldoini, Countess di Castiglione, a Tuscan noblewoman. Pierson clicked as many as 400 photographs of the Countess in her official court garb. Over a period of time, this style of photography has developed its own aesthetic with the beauty of clothes, accessories, and models, enhanced by the use of exotic locations, storylines, and/or stylized photographic techniques.
Fashion Photography: Tracing its Journey
The style of photography as we recognize it today emerged in the first decade of the 20th century when halftone printing allowed fashion photographs to make an entry into magazines. French magazines Les Mode and La Mode Practique were the first magazines to showcase this style.
In the early twentieth century, Paris was one of the best cities to work in for anyone who wanted to make it big in the fashion photography industry. Some of the biggest names in the field then were Horst P. Horst, George Hoyningen-Huene, Edward Steichen, and Cecil Beaton. These were the stalwarts who helped develop this mostly-rigid form of photography into a creatively-fulfilling art form. But the scene soon moved from Paris as the threat of World War II reared its ugly head.
In the late 1930s and the early 1940s, New York was ‘the’ place to be for anyone who was someone in the fashion photography industry. Photographers such as Martin Mukancsi and Louise Dahl-Wolfe were changing the face of the genre as people knew it then. Mukancsi was famous for introducing movement and fluidity at a time when most poses were stereotyped. Dahl-Wolfe truly traveled with the genre by making exotic locations an integral part of the shoots.

The end of the Second World War resulted in a revitalization of the fashion industry. Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, and Norman Parkinson were some of the pioneers in the field of fashion photography. Each of them had their own unique style; Parkinson was known for taking photography into the streets, Penn made a name for his classic and simplistic portraits in an era when experimentation was reigning supreme, and Avedon opened up the industry by taking portraits of famous actors and artists.
In the 1950s, Italy shot to the limelight with its fashion centers Napoli, Rome, and more famously, Milan because it was also the center of fashion publishing. This was also the era when models became icons and immediately recognizable by everyone. Models like Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton, and photographers like David Bailey, Terence Donovan, and Brian Duffy were responsible for landmark moments in photography. New techniques, grittier locations, adventurous poses; became the icons of the genre.
The seventies, after the craziness of the sixties, saw a more practical form of fashion emerge. Helmut Newton, Sarah Moon, and Herb Ritts were some of the go-to names in the industry if you wanted to do something truly outstanding. It was in this decade and the eighties, more or less, that fashion became more accessible. There were more magazines dedicated to fashion and in turn, more advertisements of fashion-related products.
In 1988, with Anna Wintour becoming the editor of Vogue, one also saw a change in the trends for cover photos in some of the biggest fashion magazines. While till then, tight head shots of famous models were preferred for the cover, Wintour’s first Vogue cover showed a 19-year-old Michaela Bercu, in a mix of inexpensive and haute couture clothing, in a casual and relaxed moment on the street. This was a photo that truly broke the rules.

Style pair gray jeans

Colorful pants are fast becoming a much sought-after bottom wear, but that doesn’t mean the neutrals are out of the wardrobe. Black jeans are a quintessential part of any dame or dude’s wardrobe, but so should be a neat pair of gray jeans.

Ash-gray, blue-gray, charcoal, platinum, silver, etc., are some shades of gray that look stunning. Whether it is for work or play, gray jeans look swank any day. If you are not comfortable with very light shades, go in for darker ones, or trendy patterned ones. Printed pants are all the rage this year, you can go for them as well.

The right shirt, shoes, and accessories will ensure that your outfit looks stylish. Little things will play a major role. For example, wearing charcoal gray jeans with a black shirt will make your outfit look monotonous, or a white shirt with very light jeans will look drab and boring.

Through this Buzzle post, we give you some outfit ideas that go well with gray jeans. Pick the ones you like or experiment with something on similar lines. Fortunately, there are hardly any chances of going wrong with gray jeans.


gray jeans outfit idea for stylish women

Gray skinny jeans, sexy black stilettos, and a stylish top with some shimmer will make a cool outfit for a party. Don’t forget to accessorize right with dangling earrings or a statement neck piece. You can even introduce some color by opting for a coral or red lipstick.


gray jeans outfit idea formal women

You can wear a nice solid-colored blouse for work. A formal jacket will ensure that you look prim and proper. Go for simple diamond studs or small earrings, and get some much-needed color with killer heels in red. A nice clutch or bag is a must, but stick to black or any other neutral color to let the red stand out.


gray jeans outfit idea casual women

You don’t have to follow many rules when it comes to casual wear. Include bright colors through accessories or shoes to balance out the gray. When wearing a simple white ganji, sport a bright scarf to uplift the look instantly. In winters, all you will need is a nice comfy sweater with bold colors or prints.


gray jeans outfit idea formal men

When going for a formal look, go for a darker shade of gray. It will give you ample scope with the shirt. A formal jacket or blazer will add that stately touch, and of course the boots are an integral part. You can definitely experiment with the shirt, but very bright colors may not be a good idea.

Women’s Clothing Sports

Exercising is a great way to strengthen and tone yourself. There is a wide range of variety in exercise clothes that women can choose from.

Some people regularly go to a gymnasium while some prefer exercising at home or parks. While you might be doing any of the various types of exercise, no matter where, dressing up in the right way is essential. The clothes you wear while exercising, play an important role in the perfection of your workout.

What’s for Your Type of Exercise?

While you go to shop for the workout clothing for women, remember not to forget the kind of exercise you will be doing. While some clothes are versatile and go well for most types of exercises, others are specially designed for a specific form of exercise.

Also, the other exercise gear will differ according to the type of exercise. For example, jogging and yoga need different footwear. You would need to add gloves and supports for cycling which you don’t need while exercising.

Comfort is a Must

Comfort‘ is the word you must remember while picking a piece from the various clothes. Be it loose or body fitting, the main thing you must consider is what you are comfortable wearing. Remember that the clothes must not restrict your movement during exercise. Like long sleeves can cause problem while lifting weight and performing yoga. Also, long pants that go below your feet can cause hindrance in your movements.

If you don’t feel comfortable in those body-fitting outfits, go for the regular ones, but not the XL size clothes. Also, for the body fitting clothes or the regular ones you need to look for the sweat absorbent fabrics. These are a must for any type of workout. Women’s clothing for exercise in light-weight cottons are the best. Elastic or stretchable fabrics are a good option. Don’t opt for thick fabrics.

Check the Varieties

Sleeveless t-shirts make a great option to wear out for workout. Plain spaghetti tops are also best to be worn for workout. Go for thin straps and sleeveless or short sleeved t-shirts for a stylish look. Collar neck or strapless tops are not a much good idea for workout.

Exercising shorts or the regular shorts are amongst the best clothes for tall women. Black colors is the best option as it makes one look slim. Black leggings with black t-shirt or pink t-shirt is a classic option for those having fuller figures. Leggings, long or short come in a number of colors.

Retro Fashion Party Themes

Whether your plan is to arrange a sober and moderate party or a wild and crazy one, a theme from the 60s are a perfect option.

There are numerous occasions to arrange a party such as birthdays, anniversaries, career success, bachelor’s party, etc. and party themes can make them truly memorable. The ’60s’ theme resembles a carefree, fun time. After all, it was a decade of cultural revolutions.

You can start applying this theme beginning with the party invitations. Use a large, rounded letters and bright psychedelic colors while making the party invitations. You can also use the smiley faces, peace symbols, flower power design, tie-dye design, and photo collage from the era. Include photos of Martin Luther King, Beatles, Kennedy, and Vietnam. You can inform your guests about the party theme through the invitation.

’60s’ Party Themes

To plan a perfect ’60s’ theme party, just have a look into the past and use your imagination and creativity. You can create the atmosphere of that era with party decorations, costumes, foods, and games.

Costume Suggestions

The costumes for the ’60s’ theme party can be colorful and full of fun. You can search different websites to know about the ’60s’ fashions. Wear a long wig and add a headband or bandana for a hippy look.

For clothing, think of items such as Afros, braids, fuzzy vests, bold large glasses, bell-bottom flares, flowers, and sandals. You can also select the stovepipe pants and thin ties, miniskirts, and Go-go boots. You can dress as a Flower Child.

A head wreath was the popular fashion accessory for women in 60s. For a ’60s party, the women can wear a wreath made from flowers or other plants. Other distinctive icons and looks from the 60s include Jackie and JFK, Mods, Andy Warhol and more.

You can drape yourself in colorful fashions from that era. You can encourage the guests to wear the ’60s’ gear such as ripped jeans, love beads, headbands etc.
Party Decorations

The party decorations should reflect the theme of your party. Replace the standard white bulbs with tinted bulbs of red, green, blue, or yellow for the psychedelic effects. You can put a couple of lava lamps on the tables or focal points for discussion.

Decorate the entryway with flower garlands, love beads, peace signs, strings of smiley faces or yin-yang symbols. Hang a large rustic looking sign over the doorway. A beaded door curtain was a popular craft in 60s that you can use for the party decoration.

Hairstyles for Women

Women of the 1970s knew how to accentuate their features, bringing forth a strong yet vulnerable femininity that is lost today. Stylists and the like, are trying to tap into the seventies like we’ve never seen before, staying true to the iconic while adding a touch of modernity. Hairstyles are a breathtaking sight when spotted on a runway, where the seventies is taking the world by storm in significant ways.
Speaking of hair, which do you think is the one hairstyle that stands out from the rest? It’s got to be the “Farrah Flicks” hairstyle! If you aren’t familiar with its name, think back in time to the original cast of “Charlie’s Angels”. Yes, it was “Ferrah Leni ‘Farrah’ Fawcett” who starred as one of the three crime-fighting beauties, making that voluptuous head of hair just as famous.

That’s where the hairstyle gets its eponymous name from – Farrah’s luscious hair. There are other hairstyles that took over this iconic decade, slowly moving away from the passé trends of the ’60s, ditching the goody-two-shoes image for a wild, sexy, and independent take on style.
Hairstyles for Women from the ’70s
The Afro Style
African-American women (and men) of the seventies let their voluminous afros grow, rarely ever taming them by tying it up in a ponytail or braid. It emerged right out of the ’60s as part of the Black Pride Movement, gaining popularity in the seventies. While still politically strong in its appearance, it turned into a style statement of sorts, where even fellow Americans were sporting the trend. Oprah Winfrey and Beyoncé are two stars that have pulled off the ‘fro with élan.

The Perm Style
Stacked perms were also a hit in the seventies, with many African-Americans combining straight hair with thick curls. This sort of perm was done by straightening hair on the crown of one’s head, with curls circling the bottom.
The Cornrow Style
Cornrows took center stage amidst the afro hoopla, turning into a full-blown trend in the ’70s that is still very much in style today.

The Shag Style
This hairstyle has been spotted on actress Jennifer Aniston and TV presenter/model Alexa Chung, for its rugged and messy appeal. Hair is usually in line with one’s chin or kept a little longer past the shoulders, commonly accompanied by a full fringe grazing across the eyebrows. While this hairstyle isn’t easy to tie up into a ponytail, it’s quite versatile to work with if styled using trusty hair products and techniques.