Retro Fashion Party Themes

Whether your plan is to arrange a sober and moderate party or a wild and crazy one, a theme from the 60s are a perfect option.

There are numerous occasions to arrange a party such as birthdays, anniversaries, career success, bachelor’s party, etc. and party themes can make them truly memorable. The ’60s’ theme resembles a carefree, fun time. After all, it was a decade of cultural revolutions.

You can start applying this theme beginning with the party invitations. Use a large, rounded letters and bright psychedelic colors while making the party invitations. You can also use the smiley faces, peace symbols, flower power design, tie-dye design, and photo collage from the era. Include photos of Martin Luther King, Beatles, Kennedy, and Vietnam. You can inform your guests about the party theme through the invitation.

’60s’ Party Themes

To plan a perfect ’60s’ theme party, just have a look into the past and use your imagination and creativity. You can create the atmosphere of that era with party decorations, costumes, foods, and games.

Costume Suggestions

The costumes for the ’60s’ theme party can be colorful and full of fun. You can search different websites to know about the ’60s’ fashions. Wear a long wig and add a headband or bandana for a hippy look.

For clothing, think of items such as Afros, braids, fuzzy vests, bold large glasses, bell-bottom flares, flowers, and sandals. You can also select the stovepipe pants and thin ties, miniskirts, and Go-go boots. You can dress as a Flower Child.

A head wreath was the popular fashion accessory for women in 60s. For a ’60s party, the women can wear a wreath made from flowers or other plants. Other distinctive icons and looks from the 60s include Jackie and JFK, Mods, Andy Warhol and more.

You can drape yourself in colorful fashions from that era. You can encourage the guests to wear the ’60s’ gear such as ripped jeans, love beads, headbands etc.
Party Decorations

The party decorations should reflect the theme of your party. Replace the standard white bulbs with tinted bulbs of red, green, blue, or yellow for the psychedelic effects. You can put a couple of lava lamps on the tables or focal points for discussion.

Decorate the entryway with flower garlands, love beads, peace signs, strings of smiley faces or yin-yang symbols. Hang a large rustic looking sign over the doorway. A beaded door curtain was a popular craft in 60s that you can use for the party decoration.