Tips to Select Dressy

There are some occasions which do not demand a downright formal attire such as gown or cocktail dress. However, you can’t even attend these dos in your favorite pair of jeans and cool tee. Dressy tops can come pretty much in handy for such functions.
These are not different from your usual cotton tops in respect of length or design. However, when it comes to the clothing fabric used, it is lot more classier and expensive than a usual top. They are usually designed in fine fabrics such as velvet, satin, silk, etc. Besides, they are also adorned with (though not necessarily) sequins and other embellishments. There is also slight difference in their fashion pattern. Ruching, pleating, cinched or tied waists, and sheer-layered looks are some common patterns. Besides, they are exquisitely cut and may have well-defined neck lines. This is probably the reason, why you cannot wear them to office everyday.

When to Wear
They are ideal for occasions that are not too formal and do not involve any business. They are more suitable for evening events. However, you can wear them for afternoon events as well, if they have decent necklines and are sober enough. If you have a hot date in the evening or plan to have a night out with your hubby then a low-cut one in attractive color can be your best bet. Similarly, you can also prefer them for casual meetings with friends or movie outings. Besides, you can go on a shopping spree with your girlfriends in a nice dressy top. Other social functions where you can wear them are weddings (provided the dress code says dressy casual attire), baby showers, churches, and casual evening parties.
How to Wear
You can team them up with a fabulous pair of designer jeans. If your top has heavy embellishment, keep the jeans simple, meaning no embroidery or sequins. Alternatively, you can also team them up with dress pants or skirts (long or short, according to the style of your dressy top). Furthermore, you should opt for the length and embellishment according to your body shape. For instance, women with pear-shaped body should avoid embellishment at hips, as it would unnecessarily draw attention to your heavier bottom. Broad necklines and voluminous fabric is apt for pear-shaped women. Apple-shaped women should avoid plunging necklines and preferably choose tops that end above hips.
Where to Find Dressy Tops
Internet is by far the best place to shop for special occasion dresses or tops, more so if you wish to look particularly for plus size women. You can find classic ones in numerous designs, fabrics, and patterns. The price range also varies to a great extent to suit the budget of each buyer. You can also find a special variety of the same for juniors, here on the Internet. Alternatively, you can also find them in your nearest designer store. But then, prepare to shell a little extra price at such high profile shops. The usual shopping malls also stock these types, but you probably wouldn’t find much of variety there.